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Market Management

The Corporation for Findlay Market (CFFM) is a private non-profit corporation founded in 2000 to manage Findlay Market following its renovation in 2002 and 2003. On July 1, 2004, CFFM and the City of Cincinnati entered into a lease and management agreement that authorize CFFM to manage and operate the market. Those agreements were renewed in 2009. The City of Cincinnati continues to provide some operating funds.

The Corporation for Findlay Market is a tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization. It coordinated, through the Findlay Market Fund, more than $2 million in tax deductible contributions from foundations and private individuals towards the market's renovation and revitalization. The Corporation has raised nearly $6 million more in contributions, sponsorships, grants, and in-kind donations in support of Findlay Market since 2007.

The Corporation for Findlay Market provides experienced business management that is developing Findlay Market into a vibrant, increasingly self-sufficient public market. Its role and functions are modeled on similar non-profit organizations that operate successful public markets in cities such as Seattle, Washington and Columbus, Ohio. CFFM's management duties include day to day operations, general maintenance, marketing and promotion, tenant coordination, leasing and new tenant recruitment, and customer service. Its mission includes improving sales and profitability for Findlay Market merchants and attracting a diverse group of new merchants to Findlay Market and the surrounding business district.

The Corporation for Findlay Market is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community leaders and market enthusiasts. The following individuals generously contribute their time and talent as officers and directors of the Corporation for Findlay Market.

Officers and Executive Committee

  • Molly North, Chair
  • J. Robert Linneman, Vice Chair
  • Charles Gerhardt, Secretary
  • Michael Burson, Treasurer
  • Tom Donnellon
  • Bryn Mooth
  • Dan W. Geeding, Past Chair
The Corporation for Findlay Market
P.O. Box 14727
Cincinnati, OH 45250-0727
Phone: 513-665-4839
Fax: 513-721-3480

Web site: www.findlaymarket.org


  • Rick Kimbler
  • Colin Groth
  • Wynne Curry
  • Rick Findlay
  • Lia Hager
  • Darin Hall
  • Joe Hansbauer
  • Mary Stagaman
  • Carolyn Wallace
  • Maurice Wagoner
  • Kathleen MacQueeny
  • Krutarth  Jain
  • Sundar Raman
  • Michael Chewning
  • Rachael Foote
  • Kelly Adamson

Director Emeritus

  • Bobbie Sterne

Management Staff

  • Joe Hansbauer, President & CEO
  • Ebb Cooper, Facility and Operations Director
  • Marianne Hamilton, Director, Findlay Kitchen
  • Kelly Lanser, Communications and Program Director
  • Mike Hass, Outdoor and Farmers Markets Manager
  • George Wright, Facility Project Manager
  • Gina Regan, Events and Promotions Manager
  • Tristan Crigger, Local Food Program Manager
  • Kari Stewart, Store Manager, Dirt: A Modern Market 
  • Randy Anderson, Office Manager
  • Nikkia Palmer, Office Assistant