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Areti's Gyros

Areti and George Papastergiou both came from the village of Variko in the Florina province of Greece. When Areti was younger she moved to Cincinnati and was a frequent shopper at Findlay Market. She remembers coming to the market around Christmas time to purchase a pig head which is a Greek tradition.

Areti traveled back to Greece, where she met George and they were later married. The couple owned a restaurant but didn't enjoy the long hours and not being able to spend time together. The market served as the perfect resolution and they love the European Flair that the market offers. There were shorter hours and they were able to run their store together alongside of their two daughters, Maria and Sofia.

On April 3, 2009 Areti and George opened Areti's Gyros, located in the east wing of the Market house. Since opening, Areti and George have gone from two small gyro machines, to three large gyro machines, which has helped them keep up with the demand for the popular wrap. Their gyros are a combination of 80% beef and 20% lamb, hand sliced from spits, as the shopper can watch. George says the most frequently requested dishes shoppers enjoy are the Tirokaftero, Rosiki Salata, Taramo Salata, Skordalia and Pantzari. In addition to side dishes, such as Mousakas and Greek salads, they offer specialty desserts such as the very popular baklava.