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Bridge’s LLC believes in simple, fresh, great tasting food. Their aim is to introduce popular South Asian dishes. Bridge’s will offer simple delicious filling snacks and entrees at a fast at an affordable price. They want to contribute to the process of globalization by educating and informing people of the South Asian food and culture.

Bridges will initially focus on making Samosas, which are an extremely popular South Asian street food, along with Nimki Chips (made with the same crust of Samosa) with fresh tomato salsa. Many other famous south Asian recipes will be gradually introduced in order to continually capture their customers’ attention.

Why samosas?
Bridges decided to start with Samosas as it is one of their own favorite snack items at home in Nepal. Every time you take a walk on the streets of Kathmandu, you'll see the golden, brown crust of Samosas freshly fried stacked up in a basket. The satisfaction it gave to Ash as a child growing up in Nepal was heavenly - the best combination of salty fried dough with perfectly seasoned potatoes all in one. Ash truly believes that to sell something successfully you have to have a true connection to the product, which he truly does with Samosas.  
Why Findley Market?  
Ash and Rose miss the street farm markets in Kathmandu, Nepal where they went vegetable shopping almost every day to buy the fresh produce hand plucked from nearby farms. They truly missed the experience of interacting with the farmers themselves and bargaining for the best price. Findlay Market brought them closest to home, to the kind of shopping experience that felt most familiar to them. They realized shoppers at Findlay Market were excited to try new things and would be a perfect fit for their business. 

Other food items they plan to introduce:
Hot milk Chai
Lassi (yogurt shakes with mango, raspberry and strawberry flavors)
Grilled Chicken Tikka Masala With fresh Basmati Buttered Rice
Chatamari (rice tortilla made fresh with toppings like grilled chicken, sautéed vegetable curry)
Mo:Mo (Nepali dumplings steamed, fried, or sautéed with a thin flour lining wrapped with the perfect pocket of juicy ground meat with bursting flavors, served with cooked tomato sauce)
Bridge’s fresh Salad with Grilled Marinated Chicken
Rasbari (Very popular desert in South Asia made from milk balls dipped in sugar syrup and cooled.)
Dudhbari ( Similar to rasbari but dipped in sweet milk and cooled.)