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Busch's Country Corner

When it comes to poultry, there's "fresh" and then there's fresh. If it's USDA fresh, it may have actually been frozen at one time. Government regulations allow poultry to be labeled "fresh" if has been frozen only once. The Amish poultry at Busch's Country Corner is truly fresh because Amish farms use no preservatives, no hormones, no chemicals, and no freezers. Amish farmers feed their livestock only cracked corn and grain. And because they're free-range and never sit in cages, the chickens and turkeys enjoy worms, weeds, and other live food when they can catch it.

A fresh Thanksgiving turkey from Busch's is an instant tradition for customers, the first time they try one. Fresh turkeys almost seem to baste and season themselves. The flavor is incredible and the amount of preparation required is minimal.

Mike and Amanda Busch are first-generation merchants. Besides chicken and turkey, you'll find capon, rabbit, eggs and a full line of red meats. Busch's also offer their own special recipe barbecue sauce at their stand. It comes mild or hot. There are also a couple of sizes of chicken wings. You can get them whole or already cut up, and choose from several kinds of chicken wing sauces and seasonings. 

Mike Busch was 13 when he got his first job at the Market, bagging hot dogs to sell in bulk. He was soon helping out every Saturday at Bender's. He even got a job at the market for Amanda, who was then his high school sweetheart. Mike's first job out of high school was full-time work at Wassler's meat stand at Findlay Market.

After a year at Wassler's, he joined another kind of family business: law enforcement. All of Mike's brothers work in that field and his grandfather is a retired police officer. For two years Mike worked at a juvenile detention center, doing a little bit of everything that involved a lot of face-to-face time with the kids.

When Alice and Chink Geiger, retired from their poultry stand in 1997, Mike couldn't pass up the chance to return to the market and have his own business. At age 21, Mike took over Geiger's Country Corner, which had been a Findlay Market fixture for decades. Today, Busch's Country Corner offers everything plus three new products: ground turkey, turkey filet mignon, and duck breast.

Mike and Amanda Busch make their living at Findlay Market for the same reasons many shoppers are regular customers. The diversity, the atmosphere, and being part of a place where people from all walks of life come together and get along make Findlay Market a constantly interesting place to be.