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Cincinnati Mind Body Studio LLC

Ginger Kubala is a registered practitioner from the Loveland area here in Cincinnati. She is very much so a supporter of loving your body and treating it well! Opening up this studio is her newest venture into helping people become more healthy (besides just being their doctor).

CMBS will be offering different yoga, pilates, and bokwa classes as well as other wellness type courses including meditation and walking tours of OTR and Findlay Market. Since the studio is just starting out they are looking for yoga and pilates instructors to facilitate classes. Currently there is one pilates instructor, Beth Pope, who will be teaching a class Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9-10. Classes are only $13 and you can grab a healthy snack at the Market afterward!

Contact Ginger for more information or if you're interested in being an instructor. Be sure to check out they're website for more information. Anything that gets people moving and exercising is welcome at Cincinnati Mind Body Studio!

Motivate the mind.  Bend the body.  Soothe the spirit.