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Daisy Mae's Market

A fresh approach to fresh produce. Our mission is to offer easy access to the finest selection of fresh produce in the Cincinnati area.

The start of 2015 brings an exciting change for Daisy Mae's Market. As winter moves in, you will no longer see their fresh produce at the outside location on the Race Street end of the market house. Instead, they will be working on the south side of the market house at 107 W. Elder. During January and February, changes will be taking place inside the building as owner Barry Cooper works to restore, remodel, and refresh the historic property with plans to launch as a retail space in early March. 

While the renovation progresses and as weather permits, look for sales of select produce, Amish jams, and local salsa outside the building at 107 W. Elder. Also during the transition, Daisy Mae's will maintain delivery service to local restaurants, cafes, corporate wellness programs, and fellow Findlay Market merchants. For special orders or inquiries about rental of cooler space, contact Barb Cooper at 513-602-5602.

Daisy Mae's Market is owned and operated by husband and wife team Barry and Barb Cooper. Barry and Barb both grew up in Cincinnati and learned to appreciate the unique characteristics of the community. Barry's expertise stems from owning his own homebuilding company while Barb is a retired elementary teacher. When the two decided to open the business in 2009, Daisy Mae's Market was established and Cincinnati's historic Findlay Market was the logical place to set up shop.

Named for Barry's grandmother, Daisy Mae's Market is a true family business. Barry focuses on purchasing and managing operations and Barb is the online presence and is responsible for the website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Barb is also the founder of popular Taste the World at Findlay Market Food tours.

Daisy Mae's Market is a year-round, full-time business that features local produce when in season. Our mission is to make healthy fruits and vegetables easily accessible to all. In addition to our day-to-day operations at Findlay Market, we deliver custom orders to our corporate clients, restaurants, and individuals. Our Healthy Breaks fresh fruit is a popular choice for Cincinnati offices promoting a workplace wellness program.