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Dojo Gelato

Michael Christner has had the desire to make gelato ever since 1998, when he first experienced it at a gelateria in Austin, Texas that made its own handcrafted gelati. Years later, after traveling to New York to learn classic gelato making techniques from two Italian pastry chefs and, later, attending the renowned Berkey Creameries' ice cream program at Penn State University, Michael realized his dream of opening a gelateria, Dojo Gelato, in August 2009, inside the Market House at historic Findlay Market.

Michael was drawn to making gelato because of its intense flavor and creamy consistency. Compared to American-style ice cream, gelato contains more milk and less cream and butterfat, as well as half as much air. Using traditional techniques for creating his gelato (seasonal, no artificial flavorings or colorings, egg free), Michael creates small batch Italian-style ice creams that are authentic and, most importantly, fresh. In addition to gelato Dojo offers fresh hand packed pints to go, locally roasted La Terza Coffees, gift cards, and a gelato cart for special events.

Dojo Gelato is a family business. Michael and his wife Kimberly started Dojo in 2009. Michael creates all of the gelato at their Findlay Market location, daily, for the enjoyment of their guests at Dojo, local farmers' markets, and special events.