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Fab Ferments

A Note From Jennifer De Marco

"Lil J"

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2007 with a marketing and international business degree. I spent my senior year of college studying abroad in Linz, Austria. The experience did not only change my life, but influenced my appreciation for the relationship between culture and food even more. I was very fortunate to live in an international dorm with students from around the world. Together we cooked our meals from real ingredients and spent hours eating, sipping on wine and chatting about whatever. I'll never forget the hundreds of meals we shared together.

When I came home I felt completely different and my outlook on life was changed. I knew I just experienced something amazing. I was very fortunate to live and study abroad and having the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Europe (and eat lots of real food). However, I had a hard time adjusting back to the American way. It was as if I was going through serious culture shock in the country I was born and raised in.

Ironically, I met Jordan a couple weeks after I moved back to Cincinnati. We connected when he stopped by my house with mutual friends and noticed my boiling pot of water, veggies and bones on my stove top. I explained that in my family we never waste meat bones and scraps. Instead, they are recycled into nourishing stock. After hearing that, Jordan told me about the Weston A. Price foundation and explained how there is actually an organization that has the same connection and beliefs as I do with real food. I couldn't believe it. These people choose eat liver pate, sauerkraut, raw butter, pastured meats, bone broths, fresh organic fruits and veggies Seriously how do I join.

So two years later Fab Ferments has evolved to where it is now. I am proud to serve my community by supplying them with healthy and delicious naturally fermented goods. I believe though education I am making a change and starting a real food revolution. I've been cooking my whole life, but after meeting Jordan he has opened my eyes up to natural fermentation and the extensive health benefits. Not to mention healing the body through real foods, herbs and energy. I credit my time abroad for inspiring me to create unique, but traditional ferments common to different regions of the world. I have found my connection and calling is in the kitchen. I put great energy and positive vibrations into fermenting goodies for you and your family to enjoy. Healing though food is a powerful gift that I am privileged to share with my world. I hope to continue my education in the future and become a licensed food healer. As for right now I am keeping busy creating crazy kraut recipes, wicked kombucha brews and tasty beet kvass.

Thanks for supporting the real food revolution!

Jennifer De Marco

A Note from Jordan Aversman

"Big J"

Many years ago I became interested in "alternative living". I was drawn to organic farming and natural living during my years in college. In the age of technological advances, I felt an urge to go back to my "roots" and resist becoming involved in the fast-paced computer dominated society. I began to work in a family owned health food store and also spent time working on a biodynamic farm. Becoming familiar with information of how we human beings have strayed away from old traditions that have kept us healthy and happy for many millennia, I began to question the modern influences on human living. The Weston A. Price foundation presented to me an abundance of understandable information dealing with nutrition and how we have gotten far from providing nourishing foods for people to live healthy and have healthy families. In an age of increasing illness and disease, I felt a need to educate others and promote the teachings of the Weston A. Price foundation.

One talent that I picked up while fooling around with old school techniques of preparing food was fermentation. After making many batches of fermented vegetables and drinks with some friends, I noticed how they increased my well being and made a choice to produce these for friends, family and local community. Many who consumed these foods replied that they were very tasty and life giving. After many years of making these products while having another occupation the dream of having a business making these for legal sale began to grow and grow. A few years ago I met my business partner and girlfriend Jennifer. After making a few batches of kraut with her she encouraged me that we should really start a business. Just graduating college in marketing/business, she proved to be the missing link in my dream to start the business. In 2008 we registered Fabulous Ferments, Ltd. and started producing these foods for public sale in the beginning of 2009. Since then we have found our products to be very receptive in the community via farmers markets and are currently moving to be in retail stores and restaurants. My dream is now my everyday reality. It is fun and rewarding to become close to our customers and continue to provide them with healthy fermented foods.

I am very blessed to be making a living out of a passion for fermenting food. It is very rewarding to get feedback from all the wonderful people who consume our products and notice an increase of health. I believe that the future of our country's food production should be focused on local production and consumption. There is an increasing emphasis towards supporting the local food movement and we are honored to be a part of it. It is healthier and better for the economy. Please support us and other local producers in the real food revolution.

Peace, Love and Fermentation,

Jordan Aversman