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Farm Beach Bethel

Farm Beach Bethel – Adam and Sarah Mancino moved to Adam’s family farm in Bethel just after their now-16-year-old son, Abraham, was born. It was christened Farm Beach Bethel by a friend who appreciated the laid back vibe of both the land and its caretakers. They began by growing vegetables to feed their young family. Encouraged by friends, the Mancinos eventually took their produce—they’re known for delicate lettuces, robust cooking greens, spicy endives, and radicchios—to the first season of the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market in 2004. Three years ago, the couple finally committed to farming full-time. With just an acre under cultivation, the Mancinos work exclusively with hand tools, using hoop houses to raise greens and root vegetables in the colder months and sustainable practices to grow heirloom tomatoes and sweet peppers in the summer.