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Grassroots Farm & Foods

-100% grassfed beef and lamb
-Pastured pork, chicken and eggs
-Prepared foods made in small batches in our farm kitchen: Bolognese sauce, pork ragout, beef barbacoa, chili, meatballs, tar-heel pulled pork, short-rib burgers, Moroccan sliders, Vietnamese sliders, American sliders, bone broth, chicken stock 

Grassroots Farm & Foods raises cattle, sheep, hogs and chickens on 400 acres of certified organic pasture in Hillsboro, Ohio. Animals are not confined and live outdoors their entire lives. We care deeply about the land we manage, the animals we steward, the food we produce, and the customers we serve. It is a powerful thing to be forging the links in this chain of connection.

Our Katahdin lamb is tender and has a light, sweet flavor. This lamb comes from “hair” sheep which do not have a musty, gamey flavor typical of many wool breeds and grain-fed sheep.

Our Red Devon beef fatten well on grass. Their tender meat offers a more subtle flavor than grain-fed beef, is easier to digest, and carries the essence of pasture and soil.

Our Cornish Cross chickens and a variety of breeds of laying hens receive a ration of non-GMO grain while grazing pasture daily.

Our Berkshire hogs enjoy the nuts and shade of rotated woodlots, making for smooth and buttery meat. The hogs are periodically alternated on pasture and supplemented with non-GMO grain.