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Jenny's Homemade Cookies

Jenny's Homemade Cookies are "The cookies that never make it to the jar!" Their cookies are all natural, made with absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavors. They are truly made by hand with ingredients that are incorporated evenly so that each bite will be as delectable and unforgettable as the next! They bake their thick, chunky, chewy cookies with only the finest ingredients - pure butter, pure vanilla extract, Ghiradelli and Barry Callebaut chocolates. Each cookie is 4" in diameter and weighs just shy of a quarter of a pound. They offer more than 52 varieties of cookies.

In addition to Findlay Market, their cookies are sold at their store on Bridgetwon Road, in local movie theaters, Bridgetown Finer Meats, Avril Bleh Deli/market, FoodyDirect.com, and through their website.

Jenny Chasteen was 8 when she began baking homemade chocolate chip cookies with her grandmother in Kentucky. Jenny, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio couldn’t wait for those two weeks in June and August when she would spend hours in the kitchen of her grandparents’ home helping to prepare cakes, fruit pies and scrumptious chocolate chip cookies – all from scratch.

Jenny’s been baking cookies ever since – baking them, not selling them, mind you. The thought of selling cookies never even occurred to her until September 2, 2002, when she placed her first cookie jar – featuring the label “Jenny’s Homemade Cookies” –on the counter in a local butcher shop along with a few business cards. By the end of the day, the large jar was empty. Her decision was made and her business was launched! By Christmas that year, Jenny’s Homemade Cookies had 129 orders for the holidays.

Jenny has never looked back. She bakes individual orders, as well as large orders for corporations, restaurants, and theater groups. She has filled special orders for as many as 12,000 cookies for a single business order, to as many as 5,000 cookies for a baseball tournament. The weekly ongoing orders keep her busy baking in the kitchen, as well as special orders to welcome home a local soldier from Iraq or to surprise a daughter or son away at college.

“I absolutely love what I do”, Jenny says. “ I have a passion for baking and putting smiles on people’s faces. It’s really a great feeling.”