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Mashed Roots

From a Cuban-Brazilian-Puertorican friendship with a shared passion for food & science, Mashed Roots was born.  Bringing “mofongo”, Latin American word for mashed plantain or mashed yucca, to Cincinnati and using it to build unique food concepts that expand anyone’s cuisine experience. Guillermo Vidal -Cuban-Brazilian-, Arnaldo Vazquez –Puertorican- and Edna Seguinot –Puertorican- met 15 years ago in Cincinnati and often dreamed of bringing a bit of their culture to the Midwest. Early in 2017 during a snowboarding trip to Canada and after having lunch, a too-delicious mix of leftover “mofongo” and leftover “borscht” soup, they decided to put that dream into action. They have taken a scientific, research-kind of approach to developing the Mashed Roots experience & recipes. Quickly partnering with Findlay Kitchen to prepare and cook international foods on a bigger scale.

Find out more information on: https://findlaykitchen.org/current-members-mashed-roots