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Maverick Chocolate

Maverick Chocolate is a family owned and operated bean-to-bar chocolate company.

Our chocolate is hand crafted in small batches from bean to the finished bar in our shop at historic Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. We use only ethically sourced cacao beans bought directly from farmers and co-ops at sustainable prices.


Like many great ideas, becoming chocolate makers came to our family by chance. Paul traveled as an engineer for many years and would always return home to Marlene with new and interesting chocolate from around the world.

When the travel abruptly stopped early 2013, Paul and Marlene soon finished their supply of chocolate. They were unable to find hand-crafted chocolate in Cincinnati so they decided to make their own. After extensive trial and error, Paul and Marlene invited their friends to try the chocolate. Everyone was impressed and encouraged the couple to pursue chocolate making as a career.

Fast-forward to the summer of 2014, Paul and Marlene are the proud owners of the Maverick Chocolate Company. The shop contains all the equipment and personnel to produce chocolate. Customers are encouraged to watch chocolate being made and ask the chocolate makers questions.


Our mission is to create the best tasting chocolate possible, educate our community about chocolate, and give back to the cacao farmers and our local neighbors.