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Mimi's Gourmet Egg Rolls & Curry

Sithi "Sam" Assanuvat was born in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1965 he moved to the United States, and eventually decided to become a US citizen. The business is named after Mimi, his wife, who he met while in college at Eastern Kentucky University. After spotting Mimi at a local convenience store, he told his roommate that he was going to marry her. Two years later they were married and have three children - Ashley, Alicia and Sean - all of whom are involved in their new family business.

Sam has been cooking for his family and friends for over 29 years, and it was his family that inspired him to start Mimi's. They are excited to introduce their fresh egg rolls and curry bowls, all made from scratch using recipes created by Sam, to market shoppers. They will feature chicken, pork and vegetarian eggrolls and curry bowls. Sam says, "The most important part for me is to show my love through my food. It is important to me that you enjoy the food and the experience." It has been a dream of Sam's to own his own business and he is happy that he chose Findlay Market as the place to realize that dream. Sam, Mimi and the rest of the family look forward to meeting many of you.