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O Pie O

O Pie O makes sweet pies using fresh, seasonal local ingredients. The company currently specializes in fruit and cream pies but plans on expanding to savory and meat pies in the near future. O Pie O is opening a 1,300 square feet space in the French Building at 1527 Madison Road in the first quarter of 2015. Pies are currently available at Park + Vine, Sprout Market & Eatery, Reser Bicycle Outfitters and Clifton Natural Foods.

O Pie O was founded earlier this year by Lou Ginocchio and his brother-in-law, Ian Sobeck. Sobeck was previously sous chef at Sutra in Seattle and moved to Cincinnati to co-found O Pie O. It's a family business. Ginocchio's father is financing O Pie O and his stepmother helps with the baking. That family atmosphere inspired the decision to open a pie bakery.

"We spend a lot of time and have a carefully scripted process for how we prepare our pies, and they're really coming out great," says Ginocchio. "I think everybody has an idea in their head of how pie should be and how grandma used to make them, and it's hard to find them today." Lucky for all of us, you can find their great pies at market!