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Taste of Belgium

In March 2000, Jean-Francois Flechet moved from Belgium to Cincinnati to work on his PHD. While employed by a market research company he began frequenting Findlay Market. In December 2006, he started trying recipes for Belgian Waffles in an attempt to make them taste like those he ate as a child in Belgium. Belgian Waffles are a four-hundred year-old tradition beloved for their taste and texture.

In May 2007, he decided to test his waffles at Madison's at the market. They were an instant sensation, so in February 2008 he moved to his own stand inside the markethouse. During the summer of 2009 he moved into a bigger market stand where he could incorporate beer pizza, crepes, quiches, and pastries. Flechet uses all natural ingredients to make his tasty waffles, and a traditional cast iron press to create the perfect waffle.

Belgian Waffles make a great sweet treat while you are shopping at Findlay Market.