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This month at the Farmers Market

First, let’s be frank with the bad news: the deluge has knocked some crops like cantaloupe and watermelon a few weeks out. They may make it to Market before the end of the month, they may not. Corn will make it to Market, but it will be intermittent until August, so recall the wisdom of the Early Bird, and beat the traffic (and the heat) to get the goods. If peaches are what you crave, plan on those early in the morning, as well.

 Many other goods will be plentiful, starting with hearty, healthy leafy greens like kale, arugula, mustards, collards, chard, chicory, mizuna, mesclun mix, and microgreens. Beans and peas—haricots verts, pea shoots, snaps, and wax beans—add a lot of crunch, as do celery and cabbage. Tomatoes become more abundant week by week, and cucumbers, eggplant, and squash offer more seasonal lift—pick from zucchini, yellow squash, and heavenly, buttery patty pan. Gooseberries, ground cherries, and blackberries are a tart treat, now that the temperatures are rising.

 Root vegetables like beets, celeriac, potatoes, and carrots will keep your plate grounded. Fennel, onion, scallion, garlic, scapes, and leeks bring the pungency, while basil, dill, cilantro, parley, and thyme offer an herbaceous note. Brassicas continue deeper into the season, artichokes join in the fun, and peppers (hot and not) stack up. 

 Proteins—from farm-fresh eggs to pasture raised beef, chicken, lamb, and woodlot pork—are not to be missed! Artisan vinegars, mustards, nut butters, ferments and pickles, baked goods, salsas, sauces, cut flowers, soaps, and more test the seams of the Shed, and invite you to test a few new things in the kitchen. Or better yet, on the grill.