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Social O.T.R.

Social O.T.R. is a culinary training restaurant opening later this year at 1819 Elm Street. The basic concept: people in Cincinnati are looking for employment, and there are a lot of available jobs in the restaurant industry. This program will teach the people looking for employment the necessary skills to get those restaurant jobs. Match made!

Social O.T.R. is partnering with CityLink Center on the workforce development program, which will train students on both soft skills and culinary skills, then allow them to learn in a live environment (Social O.T.R.). The restaurant will have communal tables and the menu will consist of small plates, encouraging diners to share, connect and spend time with one another.

We have recently launched a fundraising campaign, "Share at Social". Dollars from the campaign will be used to: 

1. Help the families of students be able to eat at the restaurant

2. Encourage community members to dine in, who otherwise may not be able to do so 

3. Allow donors to sponsor categories of folks to receive complimentary meals (eg. sponsor the meal of a nurse, police officer or teacher)

Social O.T.R. is more than the name of the restaurant. The training program, the Kickstarter campaign, everything down to the communal tables and menu of shareable plates, is all about being social and socially minded.

We invite you to be social with us by coming to the restaurant once it opens, and by supporting the Kickstarter campaign to help others in the community be social too.