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Spring Fund Drive


The people of Findlay Market - shoppers, merchants, and supporters - have shown up time and time again. For more than 165 years, the world around us has changed and the market has had to adapt, stay strong and stay connected, while also staying committed to our core values. This year we have demonstrated:


  • Many merchants shifted their business models
  • Instituted new ways to keep shoppers safe and healthy
  • Grew our maintenance team


  • Launched the Findlay Market Shopping App
  • Merchants found creative solutions to get products to customers
  • Provided free delivery and pick up options for online and call ahead ordering


  • Created special shopping hours for vulnerable populations
  • Merchants gave back to the community
  • Instituted the Grocery Relief Program

2020 sure has tested us, but we are proud to say that because of YOU, because of our MERCHANTS, and because of our COMMUNITY, we continue to be BETTER TOGETHER!

Donate today to support these efforts, and to help us prepare to fully reopen the market you love.