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Thanksgiving Specials 2019

Findlay Market has all the ingredients you need to make this Thanksgiving the tastiest one yet! Our merchants will ensure that you are the champion of this year's feast:

Special Wednesday Outdoor Market

The Shed at Findlay Market, home to all your favorite weekend farmers and merchants, will be open from 9am-3pm Wednesday, November 27th. Create the freshest holiday spread with the added benefit of supporting your favorite local farmers and small businesses. Please see participating vendors below:

  • Em's Bread- Dinner Rolls ($6.00)
  • Frank's Fish and Seafood Market- Shrimp: Large for $17.99 (call to order: (513) 421-0900 or order in-store)
  • Gibbs Cheese- Christmas Cheddar
  • Grayson's/Mike's Meats- Sliced variety cheese: $6.49 (order in-store) Trays, (price based on the amount of people): meat and cheese sandwich tray, meat and cheese snack tray, and assorted veggie trays.
  • The Rhined: Order a cheese board (47.00) and wine for your family and friends to share! Orders must be placed at least 24 hours before pickup. Call them at 513-655-5938, order online at https://www.therhined.com/catering or stop by their storefront to place and order.
Side Dishes
  • Em's Bread: Stuffing Mix
  • ETC Produce: Veggie Bundles with Seasoning
  • Gramma Debbie's Kitchen- Cranberry Relish, Sweet Potatoes (call to order: (513) 241-5368)
  • Roth Produce: Onions, Celery, Apples, Carrots, Greens, Green beans, and so much more! (order in-store)
  • The Gourmand Group- Roasted Potatoes, Spiced Apples and Pears, International Pasta Salad, Sweet Potato Salad, Corn Pudding, Pea Salad, Spicy Roasted Carrots- $10.99, Stuffing, Roasted Brussel Sprouts- $12.99, Haricot Vert- $14.99, Grilled Asparagus- $16.99. Horseradish Sauce, Turkey Gravy, Cranberry Relish- $8.99 (call to order: (513) 381-3774)

Main Dishes
  • Eckerlin Meats- Prime rib: $15.99, Whole and local turkeys: $3.69/lb. (order in-store)
  • Frank's Fish and Seafood Market- Seafood Combo: (Large $9.00, Medium $7.00, 32oz.- $18.00), Smoked Salmon: $33.99/lb. Crab Legs: $29.99/lb. (call to order: (513) 421-0900 or visit us at Findlay Market)
  • Grayson's/Mike's Meats- Ham sliced to your discretion: whole or half $6.99/lb. (order in-store)
  • Harmony Plant Fare- Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner for Four including: Seitan Turkey rolled with Walnut and Lentil Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy, Cranberry-Orange Relish, Creamed Truffle Corn, Cheesy Broccoli Casserole, and Chubby Bunny Pumpkin Bars
  • Luken's Poultry, Fish, and Seafood- Turkeys (call (513) 621-5560 or stop by- limited quantities!)
  • Mackie Meats- Chitlins, Turkeys, and Pig ears/feet (order in-store)
  • Madison's at Findlay Market- Fresh Amish Turkey and Turkey breasts (call (513) 723-0590 or stop in!)
  • The Country Meat Co.- Whole Turkeys (ranging from 10-26 lb.), $3.19/lb. (order in-store)
  • The Gourmand Group- Whole Turkey (pre-cooked): (10-12lbs. $75.00, 14-16lbs. $85.00, 18-20lbs. $95.00), Turkey Breast (pre-cooked): $40.00, Grilled Salmon: $100.00, Prime Rib (pre-cooked) w/ Au Jus: $125.00 (call to order: (513) 381-3774)

  • Bouchard's- Pies: Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Apple crumb, Chess, Pecan, Blackberry raspberry, Tollhouse derby, Coconut custard, Cherry. Cookie trays: Your choice of two cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter) along with pecan shortbread ball, Scandinavian almond cookies, pecan tarts, and butterscotch haystacks (**Cookie kits include half dozen cookies with 4 colors of pre-made icing and icing bags) Pumpkin rolls, whole peach cobblers, Yule logs, and  we are taking orders for special requests (call (513) 381-5838 to order)
  • Dojo Gelato- Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Doodle, and Cinnamon Maple Gelato (order in-store)
  • Em's Bread- Pumpkin Bread for $5.00, and pre-order cookies (call to order: (513) 802-5728 or order in-store)
  • Gibbs Cheese- Seasonal Fudge, such as pumpkin pie, white chocolate cranberry, and mint chocolate: $11.99/lb. 
  • Maverick Chocolate Co.- Assortments of chocolate bars, and holiday flavors, such as: gingerbread white chocolate, mint dark chocolate. $10 (order in-store)
  • Taste of Belgium- Pumpkin Waffle: 4pack for $12.00, Two 4packs for $20.00, Holiday pies (click HERE to order, or order in-store)
  • Churchills Fine Teas- 25% off Holiday Teas
  • Market Wines- Wide selection of beer and wine, for Thanksgiving dinner, come by and grab a medium, light-bodied red, or a pinot noir (order in-store, and feel free to ask us for suggestions!).
  • Maverick Chocolate Co.- Hot Chocolate (order in-store)
  • Urbana Cafe- Orange Spice Flat White: $4.00
  • Artichoke- Emile Henry Pie Dish: $29.99, and all of the cooking and baking supplies needed for your full Thanksgiving meal
  • Gia & the Blooms- Fall Wreaths in all sizes: $35.00, $45.00, $55.00 (call (513) 487-0915 or visit their roll-up door space inside Findlay Market)
Restaurant Meals
Goose & Elder- Serving a special Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, November 27th